How we work

Once you have decided to hire us to develop your site, our work will begin. As far as our speed of work is concerned, 70% of projects have been completed within four weeks.

Here is a brief outline of the steps of our effective work we go through when we create your website:

Meeting you for a free analysis of your website project

Our first meeting will give us the opportunity to discuss your project in details like what kind of site you need, which/how many pages you should include, how they should be presented to best satisfy your prospective new customers, what kind of design and navigation would work best or how it should be organized etc. Even if you do not have a clear idea about what kind of site you need we will help you to analyze what is important for your site, identify who your customers are and provide you with a solid basis for making decisions about presenting and promoting your website.

We will immediately check the domain names and register it for you. If the domain name is not available, then we can go and register an alternative name upon your approval. At this stage no payment is required and there are no obligations whatsoever.

Time to see an initial draft of your website. Deal or no deal?

Once a plan for the creation of the website is agreed, we will then build an initial draft of your website by actually writing some code. This draft will be available on our servers for you to view at home or at your place of work. Changes can also be made in the design at this stage until you are 100% happy with it, and then the subsequent pages will be done. At this stage your first payment is due.

We are busy with building your site..

After the design draft has been approved by you we will continue building your website pages and we will ask you to provide the content that will need to go on your website e.g. text, images, downloads, video, flash. At this stage we will be able to offer help with writing the content and also free images from our library if required. We will also setup your hosting and e-mail addresses for again free of charge. Once the final draft is ready we will ask you to give us a feedback so that any last updates and changes can be done.

Testing once, testing twice and going live…Good luck!

Nearly there! At this stage we will test the functionality of all links, e-mail addresses and enquiry form(s). We’ll also carry out a spell check. Once we receive your final payment we will publish your website.

We’ll look after your site!

Any requested updates or free maintenance work (one year) will be done on the website based on the terms and conditions.

We'd love to help.

Let's bring your ideas to life.

Over 10 years, we have delivered websites ranging from 1 page to 50 pages, all on budget, on time and to the highest of standards. We go beyond just great designs & mobile responsive websites, we take the time to listen to you, learn about your competitors and meet your objectives.

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