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  • Trade website design
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WordPress website design

WordPress Web Design is our specialty. As the world's most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), WordPress gives businesses full ownership and control over their website.

WordPress is used on over quarter of all websites globally and with 100s being added to the number every day. You will like WordPress for your website design in Surrey as it is a very effective way to build your brand.

With WordPress templates are used and these templates are as functional as they are flexible.

We provide extensive website design services using WordPress, template development, plugin integration, ongoing maintenance and more.

Mobile website design

According to statistics the half of the people in UK are accessing internet via a smartphone while only a fifth use laptops. At Surrey Website Design we ensure your site fits all kinds of mobiles, tablets and lots of PC's like LCDs and laptops. Whether your target customers are using the mobile browser on their iPhone, Android tablet, a regular computer screen or an HDTV, they will be able to enjoy the same user experience.

Trade website design

We have worked with different trades in the past years ranging from start-ups to mid-size companies and contributed in their growth with our designs. To avoid any frustration and to make things easier for our trade clients we offer full-design packages which doesn't offer only a quality web design but also includes buying domain names, setting hosting and emails and optional logo design.

Custom Website design

While some businesses prefer template based designs, a custom theme for your site has its own benefits. Firstly, it’s unique and makes your page stand out from the crowd. Having it customised according to your needs means that the look and the functionality will be exactly the way you preferred and will gain more royalty from your visitors.

We have designed many custom websites for companies in Surrey and if you need to have one for your own business please contact us today.

Website Maintenance

Once your website has been developed and launched, you will require ongoing maintenance to ensure your website continues to perform to the best of its ability.

We offer a variety of maintenance and services. Our most basic package focuses on long-term site security, which includes upgrades for your plugins, widgets and website subscriptions. Please contact us to get a quote for the level of maintenance your website requires.

Website Redesign

Don’t want to build a new website from scratch? No problem! We can analyse your existing website design, understand the shortfalls and fix all the issues preventing it from achieving the desired success. If the cost of redesign is greater than having a new website, we can offer you to build a new one.

Search engine optimisation

When search engines like Google index your website they won’t see how beautiful your website is but how successfully it appeals to search engines. The easiest, most cost-effective means of generating traffic to your website is to make your site search engine friendly and that is why SEO is a very important concept when it comes to having your website designed.

If your website is not properly optimised and in need of a bit SEO care, we can help.

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Over 10 years, we have delivered websites ranging from 1 page to 50 pages, all on budget, on time and to the highest of standards. We go beyond just great designs & mobile responsive websites, we take the time to listen to you, learn about your competitors and meet your objectives.

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