10 key features of a successful website

Why do you need a website
  1. Good navigation makes your website easy to use and understand (critical for first time visitors).
  2. A well designed and professional looking website aims to meet visitor needs and promotes a good image for your company.
  3. Meaningful and well designed graphics must be kept to a minimum to avoid slow loading of your site.
  4. Your website content must be designed to achieve your ultimate goal which is to turn visitor to customers.
  5. Don’t forget the fact that spelling and grammar errors can hurt your business.
  6. A good written code structure will have a good impact on successful traffic building to your site. Because search engines like Google, Yahoo or MSN will analyse only the first few hundred words to determine your site rankings.
  7. Most search engines cannot index frames. Unless your site must have them, do not use frames.
  8. Is your website up-to-date and are your internal & external links working?
  9. The use of clear and easy to read fonts help make your website business-like and user friendly.
  10. Offering free resources (newsletter, blog, forum etc.) will add value to your website, promotes visitor loyalty and encourages them to visit your website again.