Why do you need a website?

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Why do you need a website

Having a website is very essential in today’s electronic world for any small business or self-employed person wishing to improve their business and services to more customers or clients.

More Customers

Your website will take your business to millions of internet users and without any doubt it will bring you more customers. Each visitor to your website means you have a potential buyer who is interested in to your services and products, or someone looking for a local business around and wanted to learn more about you.

Easy and comfortable shopping

More people now prefers to search and purchase services and products via internet because there is not any opening and closing times on your website, no parking concerns, no pushy salesmen or no long queues. Your website gives all the control to the customers and let them enjoy their purchases.

Help customers to decide

Many people like to do a little bit research before a purchase and when they see something on your website which suits their preferences then it is very likely that you will be on their top of the shopping list.

Promote your business 24x7x365

Having a website means having an open shop all the time. At any time, there could be somebody visiting your website and purchasing products or sending you an email for a quote or reading about your services.

Customer Confidence

Depending on your website content you can let your visitors know about how professional, knowledgeable and experienced you are. This type of content can easily make a visitor confident enough to purchase services from you.

Cost-effective Marketing

Compared to other types of marketing such as TV, Radio or newspaper advertising, a website is very cost-effective and a great value. The information about all your services, existing clients, projects, promotions and anything your business can benefit from will be provided to your customers by your website, but with any other advertising scheme that would not be very cost-effective.

Dynamic Updates

With your website you have the full control of the content which means you can change it, delete it or update it in a few minutes. You do not need to wait for days or weeks to update your newspaper ads, or go through many phone calls to change it with any other media advertising.

Better Customer Interaction

A website can easily be another way for your customers to reach you or to enquire about your products. A simple enquiry form or an e-mail address on your website will let any customer to reach you very easily.

Better Public Profile

Customers will perceive you as more professional, dynamic, modern and better able to meet their needs. Can you imagine companies like Vodafone, Tesco or Sony not having a website? How will potential customers perceive you if your competitors have websites and you don’t?

Analyse your results

You can analyse the comprehensive statistics reports provided by your website to see how many people are visiting, what pages they are viewing and how long they are spending on your site.
Now shouldn’t you be asking “Why DON’T I have a website?”

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